TIR transportation can reach Europe in 10 days, how to do it? A customs flow chart to give you the answer!

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TIR cross-border road transport has reached more than 30 countries in Asia and Europe from China, and "door-to-door" transport between China and Europe can be reached in 10 days.

Logistics companies are generally concerned about how TIR simplifies customs clearance procedures across multinational borders. How can companies benefit from TIR's convenient customs clearance and save time and cost?

In order to provide a clearer and more intuitive picture of the TIR customs clearance process, we developed a cross-border customs clearance flow chart based on first-hand information provided by IRU member associations and TIR transport companies to show how TIR transport greatly simplifies the transit process and improves the efficiency of customs clearance.

TIR transportation can not only realize the full declaration and direct delivery of one certificate, but also effectively guarantee the transportation safety -- the carrier's qualification is strictly admitted, the goods are sealed throughout the whole process, in principle, the box is not opened, the status can be tracked, and the customs tax guarantee of up to 100,000 Euros can be enjoyed.